Sooden Ren's Elite Dangerous
Commander's Biography and back story

Ages 5 to 16

-Intensive federal education

Ages 16 to 18

JOB Title: Federal Navy Crew

-Intermediate Logistic Training

Ages 18 to 20

JOB Title: Chief Supervisor of Logistic

-Basic combat training

-Intermediate level leadership Training

-Intermediate Cartographic & Exploration Training

Ages 20 to 22

JOB Title: Federation Science Officer (Cartographic & Exploration)

-Advanced Cartographic & Exploration Training

-Professorship (Exploration)

-Basic SRV Training

-Intermediate combat training

Ages 22 to 29

JOB Title: Federation Senior Science Officer (Cartographic & Exploration)

-Long service commendation

-Intermediate SRV Training

-Intermediate Engineering Training

-Intermediate Command Training

-Intermediate Economic training

-Doctorate: Explanatory study and xenomorphic life forms.

Ages 29 to 30

MIA (missing in action)

Ages 30+

Freelance Space Princess :P