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>Mundane and Unpleasant Futuristic Jobs

A few ideas for role play and back stories. Just a bit of fun. Feel free to use any ideas here in full and 'as is' or as a basis for your own job creations :)

  Job Name   Description
ACM-NG Atmospheric condensing miner of noble gasses (Engineer)   installs and maintains equipment which condenses noble gasses (Helium, Neon, Argon) out of a planet's atmosphere. Mainly Woking with hostile, cold and ice worlds.
ACM-NG Atmospheric condensing miner of noble gasses (Logistics)   Deals with the collection of mined gasses and restocking of supplies to mining outposts.
SARA Station accident and recovery agent   Ever thought about what happens after you slam into the back wall of a station and explode? Well these guys are in-charge of cleaning up what's left and we are not just talking about scrap metal.
Sili-PET Electronic Pet Sales Clerk for sili-pet (Silicon pets)   'Turn it on, recharge once a day, Anything else?'. Boxes and boxes of pets and they all do the same things.
Graphene-QC Graphene Sheet quality control   Looking at one atom think Graphene sheets, checking for holes.
So-Cell-Tech Solar Cell Optimisation technician (Solar panel cleaner)   'Put on a suit and get out there. Them panels won't clean them self''
Hydro-ops Station Hydrocycle engineer   Keeping the water on and waste gone aboard space stations.