Sooden Ren's Elite Dangerous
Commander's Biography and back story

My ships, current and past. Homes away from homes, so much more than a way to get around. Some I've loved, some I've felt like flying into a black hole :P

In service

Space Caravan


(RP: Stolen from Shipyard)

May home away (Way away) from home. Used for very deep exploration and possesses no weapons. Last thing I need to turn up in when meeting aliens is a battle ship.

With a 60 Ly jump drive, this lumbering space boat can get to most places, but drops like a rock when I try to land on them.

The Kraken


(RP: Crew Owned)


Flown by a trusted crew member with me aboard for command and fighter support.

This is a ship for confrontational encounters.



(RP: Bought and owned legally)


Practical ship, gets me down to planets fast and easy and can take a rough landing.
Kitten Krusher

(Federal assault ship)

(RP: Stolen from FEDs)

Deadly short sustain combat ship, perfect for fast assassination, not so good at the long fights.
The Hopeful


(RP: Bought and owned legally)


The Hopeful is a cheap combat training ship.

Made from the strongest alloys, this small package has a few surprises.

Black Adder


(RP: Bought and owned legally)

Station to surface shuttle craft with a few surprises. Never know what's gonna happen out in the black.

Medical Response Unit

(Viper MKiii)

(RP: Obtained via special contacts)


you can learn a lot about a person when their life is in your hands.

Executive Travels


(RP: Obtained via special contacts)


Shipping the CEOs and VIPs around doesn't only give you good contacts, you may just hear something you weren't meant too.


The Bug

(Asp Explorer)

(RP: stolen from Shipyard)

It's all about the view.

When on short range exploration mission or even special cargo concerns, this fast little ship boat can get the job done.

Striped down for speed, 'The Bug' is a runner and not a fighter. Attack this beast and you will be looking at my wake.

Hit and Run


(RP: stolen from feds)


Fast, manoeuvrable and Sexy (well maybe not the last one)

With limited kinetic flack cannons rounds, this ship is out of ammo before you can blink!

Its goal is to hit hard and fast, then get out of there before anyone knows what hit them. Yeah its not chivalrous, or even brave, but it does the job.


(Cobra Mk3)

(RP: Bought and owned legally)

My first real ship.

An explorer, trader and combat ship, it did them all... just.

This classic ship got me some nice little earners and helped me build a reputation, a steppingstone to greater things.

New Hope


(RP: Given to me)

Given to me on acquisition of my new identity, this was a horrible rust bucket.

Due to my situation, I could not complain and worked hard to get my self something a little more safe.

The coffin

(Escape Pod)

(RP: Given to me)

This rusty, half working death trap came with my first Sidewinder.

After it fell open in a rough landing, I knew it was time to upgrade. Glad to see the back it!

The Mistake


(RP: Borrowed)

Failed to be a good replacement for 'Jenny' or 'The Bug'

So it was soon 'returned to seller'

Lost in Duty

  Name Information




Use in 'MIA' mission and destroyed as planned.