Sooden Ren's Elite Dangerous

Commander's Biography and back story
>Commander Bio

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Name: Ren (Sooden Ren)
Date of Birth: 2nd December 3271
Gender: Female
Place Of Birth: Earth
Hair: Red
Eyes: Green
Height: 1.65M / 5'5"
Home: Changeable
Social recluse
Possibly crazy
Loyal (until I change sides)

>Back Story

Born on Earth, 2nd December 3271 too a wealthy Federation family. Given the best medical care and a personal nanny,. Life couldn't have started better. Sooden's life was mapped out from birth, with a guarantied career in the federal navy, following an expensive education in the best schools.

Sooden spent very little time getting to know her mother and father, and had no siblings, so the federation was Sooden's family.

Everything went to plan. By age 18 Sooden was in the federal navy as a crewman on short supply runs and soon chief supervisor of her own logistic team. Thanks to exceptional service, Sooden was offered the option of training in one of the main space fairing sciences and jumped at the chance to become an explorer.

By age 22 Sooden was a fully trained science officer specialising in Cartographic, with combat training and some powerful friends. But things where starting to slow down...

After 8 years mapping a small part of galaxy for the federation and still no command position, Sooden was getting itchy feet. Life had become routine, mapping the local 500 Lys of space and occasionally venturing into Empire space. Sooden still had 5 year of service left and no leverage to ask for a command .That's when things went a little wrong.

Sooden could not wait any longer and needed to forge her own way. So an elaborate escape plan was hatched.

>Mission: Missing in action (overview)

Brief Arrange for an attack force to engage the next exploration mission, escape undetected in a smaller craft and await pick up from agent.
Conditions The Federation ship Millu (Anaconda) will be charting the WredGuia sector.

Pirates will engage the 'Millu' but are informed not to destroy Sooden's Condor when deployed. Instead, it will be captured and taken away from the conflict zone.

The captured Condor will be dropped in deep space and await pickup from the 'Sandies' cargo transport.

Once all assets from Sooden's accounts are handed over to the 'Sandies', a virus will be place in as many federation systems as possible, wiping out all records of her existence.

What happens after that is up to Sooden.


Assets Access to one of the 'Millu'' Condors

42 Million credits and assets (estimate of Sooden's total assets)

1 Side sidewinder, to be supplied too Sooden on completion of mission

1,000 Credit to be wired to Sooden's new Identity

>Mission: Missing in action (outcome)

The mission when off without a hitch, well if you don't count 2 dead as a problem.

No tears or guilty feelings. Sooden's love for the federation died long ago. It was all about her from then on.

Now free, even with few assets to her name, Sooden... 'I mean' Commander REN set out on her new life.

Using  information she had gained in her past life, she now 'H@cks', blackmails and explores her way though the galaxy.

'Things are good! With few enemies and even fewer friends'