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Welcome to Siden Revisited information site

Siden project is to be terminated on 26th July 2016 due to funding shortfalls

April 2016

Getting back into Siden work, not sure how much time I will have to put in at this stage, but work as begun again :)




January 2016

The Siden project is still on hold but the sim/game area remains open to the public, even though its is still in a state of transition. Everyone is free to use and play with what is available at the moment. Payment/continuation of the sim/game area continues as normal (as it has for over 8 years :) and I hope people understand these delays are unavoidable due to RL work and personal issues (so feel free to IM me in SL and leave me a message or just to tell me not to worry as I feel i'm letting my friends and players down with these delays).  I cant say when the project will really take off again but keep in mind, Siden was never and never will be a 'for profit' project, I made it out of passion. So having it sit on the shelf for a while will not effect it survivability as a project, its always cost me money whether it's sitting on the self or populated by players.

Siden is a very personal project to me and even though it may be hard to understand, I don't want to work on it unless I can give it 110% (and cant work out what time I have un-till RL settles down). I'm not interested in making something for the sake of making it,  so it very important I give it the time and effort it deserves.

Take care all, Sooden :)

December 2015

Project on hold till 2016 as real life work is jam pack . Real life work has to take priority over the Siden project as it provides the funds for Siden. The Siden sim will remain open as normal but Sooden will only be on for limited periods of time. Feel free to Role play in Siden, even though its currently split in two parts (old and new version). Sorry for the delay but some things cant be foreseen. See you in the new year :)

Overview of events (September 25th)

As real life work is taking more time than I expected, progress in second life is slower than planed (as I never want to rush my work and produce something shoddy), it is clear that this project will be 'Siden 2016' (its was meant to be Siden 2015) before fully finished. But I hope to have testable works way before that. On a good note, the extra real life work is helping support my second life cost but would still appreciate the support of my products, even if  you just tell others about them, see the main store at http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Emata Almarae/175/212/29. So I don't want people to worry that the slow progress at this time is a sign that the project is dying, for from it, when I do get time to work on Siden/Second life, I am more enthusiastic than ever, and cant wait to get my ideas out there.

I know its a shame that things are taking so long, and I don't want people waiting around not knowing what's going on, so I hope this helps clear things up. I know it will be worth it when all the work is done. In the mean time, feel free to play in what's left of the old Siden and explore the current parts of New Siden. The old HUD is still available, in a box marked ,'Discontinued', if you still wish to use it with friends.


Added: 7th September 2015 (Short brake)

From Sooden:

'Taking a small brake (holiday) to clear my head as all my waking time has been spent at work in RL then work in SL after that (don't feel bad for me, i enjoy both :). Its important I have a fresh mind when working on Siden, as I want it to be the best work I can do, according to my abilities.

Work will continue properly in mid September, with the hopes to have some testable game system functions by Halloween (oct 31st). This will probably be inventory system and maybe the start of monster system.'


Added: 27th July 2015 (Public access)

New town area open to public access but not advertised as we wish to keep things quiet for now. New Siden is still in very early progress but the old town must go , to free up prims for the new town. The Old Siden house and vampire area will stay where it is for a while (will get updated and moved much later on), but the rest of the town will be removed over time. A poster/link will be placed to give a land mark to the new Siden area. Please remember that it is very early access and there will be unfinished project, bugs and a lot of testing gonging on. There is no new Siden HUD at this time, and as the old  town is removed, there will be no place to use the current HUD, sorry about this ,but there is no other way for us to make progress without a period of time with no game HUD. Feel free to look around and Role play in the new Siden area.

Only parts of new Siden have been made at this point, Places like the inside of the hospital and flesh lizzy will be added as things progress

Added: 24th June 2015

- Things are taking longer than expected but work continues on the Siden project. Rather than rush anything in order to catch up with plans, plans have been extended. We still hope to have and early version of the new Siden available in Q3 of 2015. -

'Siden Revisited' (a.k.a 'Siden 4') is a working in progress. This site will be used to provide information on progress.

Parts of old Siden will need to be remove over time in order to make space (prims) for 'Siden Revisited' and its buildings (This cant be avoided sorry). This means there will be a period of time where old Siden gets smaller and no public access to 'Siden Revisited' new build (public access will be in beta stage,. Pure Role-players may get access before hand, to use the environment for their stories)

So you don't panic that Siden is going away, you can use this site to keep up to date on progress and we hope not to lose players for too long. We also ask donators that can, to still donate (i know its a lot to ask) as the sim will still need paying for during this change over and the more we have to pay to cover the short fall, the more time we have to spend doing other things to make up the cash short fall.

Unlike old Siden, Siden Revisited is being planned and build as one project (old Siden was made over many years and is a miss-mash of areas), in the hopes this will offer a better layout for game play.